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Offering some of Malaysia’s best water adventures, the Lost World of Tambun Water Park is an irresistible visit during one’s visit to the theme park. The water park promises rides and thrills for visitors across all ages: while those with an adventurous bent are sure to enjoy the Cliff Racer or the Malayana Rainfortress, children are sure to feel right at home at the Kids’ Explorabay.

The Water Park is also home to some of Malaysia’s proudest adventure zones- the Jungle Wave Bay is the largest wave pool in the country, the Adventure River is the longest man-made river in Malaysia, while the Tube Raider is the longest inflatable tube ride.

Attractions at Lost World Of Tambun

Malayana Rainfortress.jpg
Malayana Rain Fortress

Asia’s very first two-storey water ride, the Malayana Rainfortress is one of the most popular rides at the Lost World of Tambun Water Park. The Rainfortress features two pools on two different levels, each boasting of a number of attractions on its own.

The attraction boasts of 12 different water slides, with one of them connecting the top pool to the lower one. The Dragon Lair, the 12 meter long 4D cinematic tunnel at the Rainfortress, also connects the attraction to the Tambun Lazy River.

Kids Explorabay.jpg
Kids Explorabay

This pirate themed water attraction is perfectly suited to the young visitors at the Water Park. A pirate ship stands at the center of the pool as its biggest attraction. The Explorabay also features a number of small, kid-sized slides and a tipping bucket that empties from time to time. Water cannons, water fountains and elephants that spray jets of water add to the fantastic adventure at Explorabay.

Lost World Adventure River.jpg
Adventure River

Hailed as Malaysia’s longest manmade river, the Adventure River is one of the top attractions at the Lost World of Tambun Water Park. This lazy river adventure has one floating across the waters on a circular tube.

The river passes through the stunning limestone cliffs that comprise the park, offering beautiful and unprecedented views across the park’s length. The river also features a tipping bucket along its length, so make sure not to let your guard down!

Sandy Bay.jpg
Sandy Bay

Named after its snow-white sands, the Sandy Bay at Lost World of Tambun Water Park recreates a traditional beach experience. The Bay sits right beside the Jungle Wave Bay, or the wave pool at the park. The beach area features a few chaise lounges where one can just lounge with a drink in hand.

Jungle Wave Bay.jpg
Jungle Wave Bay

The Jungle Wave Bay is not only popular as the wave pool at the Lost World of Tambun Water Park, but the largest wave pool in all of Malaysia. The waves roll off at varying heights, and at times may rise up to 3 feet high as well! Occasionally, the Jungle Wave Bay hosts live music and DJ parties as well.

Cliff Racer.jpg
Cliff Racer

The cliff rider is one of the more challenging water rides at the Lost World of Tambun Water Park. Ideally suited to older children and adults, the water coaster first propels one upward towards the canopy, the hurdle one downward at maximum speed. The extreme ride packs a punch, and should only be ridden under caution.

Tube Raider.jpg
Tube Raider

Priding itself as the longest inflatable tube ride in all of Malaysia, the Tube Raider is a popular family favorite. The Raider offers four separate slides at different levels; riders then float down the slide of their choice in pairs. The tubes have to be rented out at the attraction, and are offered on a first come first serve basis.

Sandy Bay.jpg
Awesome Pool Party

One of the most anticipated events at the Lost World of Tambun Water Park, the Awesome Pool Party has one grooving to music at the Jungle Wave Bay pool. The waves come in varying sizes, dancing to the rhythm of the song that is playing.

The regular pool parties are held twice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Adding live DJ music to the mix, the Pool Party returns with a new vigor on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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Lost World Of Tambun Water Park FAQs

What is Lost World Water Park famous for?

    The Lost World of Tambun Water Park is home to some of Malaysia’s longest and biggest water-based attractions, such as the longest lazy river (Adventure River), the biggest wave pool (Jungle Wave Bay) and the longest inflatable tube ride (Tube Raider).

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