Lost World of Tambun Theme Park

Lost World Of Tambun Theme Park Overview

Let us head to the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park and find out why it is such a hit amongst the locals and tourists today. It is one of the most premium amusement destinations today. No matter what age you are, you can head to Tambun and visit this awesome place on a day trip. Most amusement parks are either indoor or outdoor ones. However, this is one place that combines both genres and more. The park is located across a huge area that comprises lush green forests and limestone hills, apart from flowing streams and rivers. It is a unique eco-adventure tour that will take you across 10 different zones in the same area, apart from 88 attractions.

Apart from the myriad day and night attractions, you can avail yourself of the best dry and water rides, along with hot springs all at the same place. It is the one and only theme park in Southeast Asia, with so many different facilities. It is hailed as an iconic landmark on the map of Malaysia today. So, you definitely have to be there. You will come across the Lost World Water Park, Lost World Amusement Park, Lost World Tin Valley, Lost World Tiger Valley, Lost World Petting Zoo, and the Lost World Adventure Park there.

Lost World Water Park

If you love water park, then you should be there at any cost. Dive into a water pool, or slide down a rubber chute, only at the water park. Additionally, the park authorities maintain stringent rules and dress codes so that you can safely enjoy your rides. Moreover, you will come across numerous attractions there. They include the Jungle Wave Bay, Adventure River, Sandy Bay, Kids Explorabay, Cliff Racer, and Tube Raider, to name a few. The Malayana Rainfortress is also located on the same premises. There are a few rides that top the charts. They are:

Malayana Rainfortress

It is the latest attraction at the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park. Moreover, it is hailed as Asia’s first 2.5 storey-water-based dark ride kingdom. It is a multi-level giant pool, with various water slides and chutes. You can hang inside the Dragon’s Lair and have fun in the 4D water tunnel feature. It also connects with the longest lazy river in Malaysia.

Kids Explorabay

It is another one of those attractions in the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park, that you must check out. It is a pool area, where toddlers and kids can have fun. Moreover, the water is shallow over there, so the place is considered safe for children. You will find quite a few sailboats and ships strewn across the waters. Your kids will love the place so much that they will never want to return.

Adventure River

You can now set afloat with your kids on giant water tubes. It is the longest manmade river in Malaysia at present, where all the fun is. You will be able to sooth your sight, with the panoramic views of the 400-million years’ old limestone hills and lush greenery. A giant bucket waits for you at one of the turns, to soak you from head to toe. Get Ready for a fun-filled adventure ahead of you. This is one of the best attractions at the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park.

Lost World Amusement Park

You will come across several different types of attractions apart from just hot thermal springs and rides. You can head to the Amusement Park for some of the top family-friendly rides that will make you giddy. You can climb on the Adventure Express, a locomotive experience that will take you across the place. So, you can avail the sightseeing option, without spending any extra money. Your trip will be incomplete without the Perak Parade, the park’s popular merry-go-round. Moreover, you will also be able to enjoy Lupe’s Adventure, Stormrider, Giddy Galleon, Dragon Flights, and the Haunted Chambers as well.

Here are a few top favourites about which you should know in detail.

Adventure Express

It is an old locomotive engine-pulled train, which will take you across the majestic ruins, and lush greenery around the destination. You will be privy to the tigers on the prowl while you pass through their habitat. Apart from the wonderful views of the attractions, from a distance, you can also experience the views of the flowing streams and gateways. Your Lost World of Tambun Theme Park trip cannot get better than this.


Get on board your very own pirate ship, and experience a swing like never before. It gives you the exact experience of stormy seas. If you are a scarecrow, then you should give it a miss, as it will make your stomachs churn. The ship swings 180-degrees and is not for the weak-hearted.

Lupe’s Adventure

Get on the tiger ride this time. Moreover, it is a good one for the older kids and adults. It is also Perak’s first-ever roller coaster ride. The park promises some sharp twists and turns, so that you can have the best thrills of a lifetime. Young visitors will love it to the core. Your Malaysian holiday cannot get any better.

Lost World Tin Valley

You can delve into the mining history of the region, by visiting the Tin Valley. Ipoh had a flourishing mining industry at the very same place, sometime in the 19th century. Moreover, it also made Malaysia the largest producer of tin. Furthermore, the Lost World of Tambun authorities figured out very early on that the kids should know about the history of the place in a fun setting. You can see the various artefacts from the original era there. Apart from that, the kids can also view the Sluice box, original gravel pump monitor, and also experience Dulang Washing. The Tin History Talk is also a must for you. You can also learn on the Tin Trail. Get on a nostalgic journey with a few activities enroute.

Dulang Washing

Once you enter the Tin Valley, at the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park, you will be greeted to the sights of Dulang washing. The miners used to scoop up the earth with the dulang and mix the soil with water. After that, the miners swirled the container and threw away the mud. What was left behind, happened to be tin. Kids will be able to witness this process live.

Tin Bearers

In the earlier days, elephants were the only mode of transport in the tin mining industry. Now, the park authorities have installed life-size statues of elephants. The kids can climb atop their backs and get a bird’s eye view of the valley. Additionally, it is an excellent prop for photos.

Dulang Tea House

There is something special about the tea that the miner used to have in the olden times. Now, the Tea House has tried to create the same old magic. You can also gorge on other tasty treats, like cakes, coffee, and bread. Eggs are also there on the menu.

Lost World Tiger Valley

When you are at Lost World of Tambun Theme Park, you simply cannot miss out on this attraction. You will come face to face with the mighty Siberian Tigers. Apart from seeing them moving around in their natural habitat, you can also watch them during feeding time. Tigers remain an iconic symbol of Malaysia. You can also catch up with the rangers to find out more about the habitat of the tigers. The feeding time is 3-4 pm every day, and is the perfect time for you to see the creatures in action.

  • Roaring Greatness Head to the Tiger Valley, to be a part of the Roaring Greatness. Meet the Siberian tigers have a coat comprising reddish-rusty, or yellowish-rusty tones. They sport narrow black stripes, which are similar to fingerprints. The largest cats on earth have this differentiating feature. You will be amazed to know that no two tigers have the same coat stripes. Moreover, these majestic creatures have the power to carry huge prey, like stags and elks, with their mouths from one place to another. A tiger can eat around 27 kg of meat in one night. You will find them sporting their climbing and swimming skills inside the enclosure. What better way than this to enjoy your time at the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park?

Lost World Petting Zoo

You will find more than 55 species of animals at the Lost World petting zoo. And, you shall have a truly spectacular experience there. Enjoy your time there at the various enclosures, like Tarantula Alley, or head to the Giraffe enclosure, Rabbit Wonderland, meet Ruby, or visit the Bird Paradise. Then, there is a Tortoise kingdom as well. How can you possibly forget about Marmoset Island, specially curated for your trips? If that was not enough, you can also head to Serpentarium, Rock canopy, or the Catopia. Now, there is a Rainforest trail as well, for you and your kids.

Some of the spots need special mention. Read about them here.

Rain Forest Trail

You can have an immersive experience in the rainforest, with the sounds and chatter of the squirrels, monkeys, deer, and other wild animals. Walk along the nature trail and meet some crafty foxes on the way. Some might also want to chase you a bit. So, you can carry all the memories of a unique jungle visit after the trip.

Ruby and Friends

You cannot complete the tour of the Petting Zoo, without visiting Ruby and her friends. Ruby is from the Raccoon family, a nocturnal creature. These mammals love to be cuddled and petted. And, that is exactly what you should be doing there. You can find Ruby playing with several other playmates there. After you meet Ruby, your idea about Raccoons being pests will change forever.

Bird Paradise

At the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park, you will come across myriad bird species. The aviary is enclosed by the limestone hills and forestlands. It is simply one of a kind. Moreover, you will find more than 500 birds there. It is a natural zoo setting, with the birds flying and moving around freely. You should definitely get a few pictures clicked with this colourful motley of birds.

Lost World Adventure Park

If you want to enjoy some adrenaline-pumping activities at Lost World of Tambun, it has got to be at the Adventure Park. Most corporates head there for team-building games and sessions on weekends. It is just like an off-site training centre for the working people. Schools and colleges also aim for the same there. You and your peer group can go for the pay-per-ride scheme and have fun. There is no other place in Malaysia, like the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park, that offers a wholesome learning experience. You can engage in rope climbing, ziplining, kayaking, and cave exploration activities. Camping is also quite a huge attraction there. If you want to try glamping, it’s there for you. Moreover, anyone can enjoy such glamping activities, as the setup is already there. You just need to pay and head there. Apart from all the fun watching the stars at night, you can paddle on a boat on Swan Lake.


What kind of animals are in the Lost World Petting Zoo?

You will come across more than 55 species of animals at the Petting Zoo. There are raccoons, tarantulas, serpents, rabbits, giraffes, marmosets, birds, cats, foxes and even ostriches! You will be thrilled to bits, on meeting each one of them, in their respective enclosures.

What is the Lost Tiger Valley famous for?

The Lost World Tiger Valley has the majestic Siberian Tigers waiting for you. You can check out the habitat and life of the tigers, catch them in action while climbing and swimming in their enclosure with complete aplomb. The animal feeding show by the park rangers is the most popular part of the whole affair.

What are the best rides to try at Lost World of Tambun Theme Park?

  • Lupe’s Adventure – is one of the best rides that you should try there. It is one of the first roller coasters as well, in Perak that makes it famous. Everyone will love the thrills associated with the ride.

  • Giddy Galleon - is another ride that will go round and round, and you can have all the fun, while swirling. But it is not for the nervous ones.

  • Dragon Flights – take you swinging across the whole place. Hold tight, lest you should fall, while revolving and swinging in mid-air.

  • Haunted Chambers – is another place for the ghost busters. You can enjoy the scariest thrills there. Get into the spooky zone with friends, as the scary creatures wait in ambush.

  • Adventure Express – is also quite attractive for touring the entire place, at a cost for one.

What is the Best Time to visit the Lost World of Tambun?

You can visit the Lost World of Tambun, on any weekday from 11am-6 pm except Tuesdays. If it’s a public holiday on that day, then it's open. You can visit the park throughout the year, as it is an all-season theme park.

What activities are included in the adventure park at Lost world of Tambun?

  • ope climbing
  • Ziplining
  • Kayaking
  • Cave exploration
  • Camping
  • Glamping
  • Boat rides

These are some of the activities that you can engage in at the adventure park. Most companies take their employees there to build teams and for development.


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