Fun & Facts About Lost World Of Tambun

About Lost World of Tambun

The Lost World of Tambun, an amusement park located in Sunway City, Ipoh is, needless to say, an amazing family entertainment zone which is spread over 40-acre and has over 10 zones and 80 rides. Apart from the unique simulators and attractions, the specialty about the park is that it houses dry zones and wet zones inside the very same premises. The property also has an attached hotel nearby for the thrill-seekers who might want to end the day with five-star hospitality services.

Additionally, this amusement den boasts the largest wave pool and the longest artificial river. If that were not enough, the place is surrounded by 400-million-year-old limestone hills and lush greenery. Some of the zones that you should know and visit include the Lost World Water Park, Lost World Amusement Park, Lost World Tiger Valley, Lost World Petting Zoo, Lost World Tin Valley, Lost World Adventure Park, and Hot Springs by the Night. You will be amazed to know that the Adventure Zone is also one of the most asked-for spots by corporations to conduct various skill development and team-building activities there. You can engage in rope climbing, canoeing, kayaking, and camping, to name a few.

Theme Parks at Lost World Of Tambun

You will come across various theme parks within the Lost World of Tambun which will keep you engaged throughout the day. The Water Park inside is one of the top spots for water babies which is surrounded by Twin waterfalls and water slides. The Amusement park houses some of the amazing games and rides which are a must visit. You can meet the raccoons and serpents at the Petting Zoo. The Tiger Valley welcomes you with a roar, where you meet the huge Siberian Tigers. Learn about the Tin mining industry, which existed in the 19th century. Apart from all these zones, you can also have a good time with colleagues at the Adventure Park, with the pay-per-ride mode of payment.

Lost World Amusement Park

You can be a part of the thrilling rides only at the Lost World Amusement Park where you can soar high in the air or stay afloat for a while. Some of the rides worth mentioning are Adventure Express, Lupe’s Adventure, Perak Parade, Storm Rider, Giddy Galleon, Dragon Flights, and Haunted Chambers. Spend the whole day taking these rides and feel the wind on your face. It is one of the best- themed zones for all those who love dry land attractions.

Lost World Water Park

Escape the heat of the tropical rainforest, and plunge into the waterpool where the entire zone is strewn with buckets, water cannons, and spraying elephants at Lost World of Tambun water park. People from all ages enjoy riding on the waves while they cool down their body with endless dips in the pools. Moreover, you and your kids can also enjoy the fun with the best surf and slides like Jungle Wave Bay, Adventure River, Sandy Bay, Kids Explorabay, Cliff Racer, Tube Raider, and Malayana Rainforest. Pencil Hill overlooks this place which is also home to the longest man-made river in Malaysia.

Lost World Tin Valley

The Lost World Tin Valley will take you back to the 19th century when the area was just a mining land. You can get your hands dirty with the hands-on experience of mining tin from the earth called Dulang washing. Along with seeing the various artefacts and stories surrounding the miners, you can also avail yourself of the educational series on mining. Apart from that, you can climb on the backs of the elephant statues that carried all the heavy material around in the olden days and can also get clicked with them. Dulang Tea House is nearby which will give you a taste of the same tea that the miners had after a day-break.

Lost World Tiger Valley

The tigers are an integral part of Malaysian history and are an iconic symbol as well. Get the opportunity of meeting these big Siberian Tigers at the Tiger Valley and watch the rangers feed the tigers at the ‘Tigers and Friends’ Feeding time. Witness the tigers climbing, swimming and having fun in their enclosure. You can watch the majestic animal with rustic yellow coats and stripes enjoying all the attention and witness their roaring which will definitely attract you. You can learn more about the habitat and lineage of tigers there.

Lost World Petting Zoo

Come face-to-face with various domestic and wild animals at the Petting Zoo where there are animals from over 55 species. You can also touch the pet animals, in addition to feeding them. Some of the stars of the show are the raccoon Ruby, Wira the Macaw, and Giraffes; apart from them, you will also find foxes and felines in the pet zones. There is a well-curated Marmoset Island as well, within the same premises. Look out for Tarantula Alley, Rabbit Wonderland, Tortoise Kingdom, and the Bird’s Paradise. Also heading to the Rock Canopy where the pythons are also present will be a great educational experience.

Lost World Adventure Park

This is a special place which you can use for team-building activities. It is built within the limestone hills, where you can engage in the 13 high rope courses. The Lost World activities that you engage in with colleagues foster an environment of trust and communication which is why it is the favourite zone for corporations. You can also engage in activities such as rock climbing, ziplining, kayaking, cave exploration, camping and glamping there. Glamping is a good way to explore camping in protected surroundings which is often enjoyed by both the young and the old ones. Everything there is ready, right from the set-up to the food, you just have to end up there with your pals. Moreover, there are villas for staycations as well to have the best of the time while in here.

Night Parks at Lost World of Tambun

The most trending attraction or zone inside the Lost World of Tambun, is the Night Park. It is not like any other amusement park, where the action ends at 7 pm because here the fun and entertainment continues even after dark. Your night will come alive, with a visit to the Luminous Forest. There are hot springs and spas, which is the most exotic one of its kind in Malaysia. There are at least 12 pools, where you can heal and enjoy yourself. If you thought that the petting zoo is open only in the day-time, then you have to change your mind. Watch yourself a completely different set of nocturnal animals that await you, like crocodiles and Tarantulas.

Lost World Hot Springs Night Park

You can expect to spend the best time of your life after dark at Lost World Hot Springs. The park is nestled among nature’s bounty, like forests and limestone hills. Watch out for some great performances, healing at the hot springs, and exciting meets with animals. Some of the attractions that are open around that time are:

  • Hot Springs & Spa
  • Luminous Forest
  • Tarantula Alley
  • Flaming Percussion
  • Jungle Wave Pool
  • Ipoh Street
  • Glamping
Lost World Hot Springs and Spa

Like any other hot springs found on earth, this is a healing pot. Most adults with ailments like pain and arthritis dip in the pool for its therapeutic effects. There are 12 pools in total, each one having a different temperature for your ultimate comfort. Take self-pampering to another level with a spa experience at Crystal Spa where the masseurs will give you the most de-stressing massage. You can also try aromatherapy massages or Lomi according to your choice. You can relax and rejuvenate yourself in following places at Lost World Hot Spring and Spa-- Saphira’s Lair- Crystal Spa and pool- Infinity pool- The Geyser Of Tambun- Steam cave- Top Of The World Pool- Foot spa- Jungle Wave Pool

Luminous Forest

You can cross the Bridge of Luminosa to head to the Luminous Forest, where the Malayana tribe is. It is a mysterious realm which will amaze you from the word, ‘Go.’ The enchanted land is replete with glowing flowers, magical elves, and mythical wonders. Get to interact with the tribe and know about their lifestyle and habitat. Attend the following attractions inside which are sure to leave you amazed:-- Lights of Aiyanna- The Malyana family- Shadowfang- Mother Sophea- Bridge of Luminosa

Rides at Lost World Water Park

The Lost World Water Park promises a whole lot of fun, while you splash around the arena. The Jungle Wave Pool is open in the daytime and also at night so you can choose your rides according to your preferences here. The waves can often be seen rising up to over three feet. There are plenty of other rides that you can enjoy there, like Adventure River, Sandy Bay, Cliff Racer, Kids Explorabay, and Tube Raider. You can also enjoy and have a gala time in the Malayana Fortress, which has a two-and-a-half storey water-based ride. Enjoy the immersive experience at the Dragon’s Lair.

Cliff Racer

Get inside a tube and slide from a height into a pool. This is one amazing experience that you can have with kids in tow. You might have a feeling that you will shoot right to the top of the canopy from the staring station.

Tube Raider

Get on an inflatable tube ride, which boasts of being the longest one in Malaysia. You have a choice of four different types of slides there. You can enjoy this water slide with your entire family.

Kids Explorabay

This kids’ special zone has a large, and immersive play area for kids, with giant tipping buckets, water-spraying elephants, water curtains, and fountains. Your kids will also enjoy the pirate ship ride and will not agree to leave the zone.

Rides at Lost World Amusement Park

You can enjoy yourself to the core at the Lost World of Tambun’s dry area as it has amazing rides in there which are for both adults and kids. The various rides that you can go for are Adventure Express, Perak Parade, Lupe’s Adventure, Dragon Flights, Giddy Galleon, Stormrider, and the Haunted chambers. You can go for all the rides that keep you afloat and not necessarily on dry land for quite some time.

Lupe’s Adventure

Lupe’s Adventure is one such ride which is the first roller coaster of its kind in Perak. Experience some speed and tight turns that can scare you and give you jitters. Hold on to the railings for some serious falls and rises along the way, too.


Get on the pirate ship that swings at least 180-degrees from one end of the pivot to another. You can feel the rough seas beneath, although virtually. Hold the sides of the ship, or the safety bar and swing in unison with all the others in tow. It is a thrilling trip.

Dragon Flights

Fasten those seat belts and swing and rotate with all your might. Well, you do not have to do much, but sit on the fixed harness. All that rotating and revolving can make you dizzy, so keep medicines handy. If you love such action, go for a second time and repeat the frolic.

Activities at Lost World Tin Valley

The park also pays homage to the Tin Industry, which flourished here in the 19th century. In fact, Ipoh is known for its mining history. The volunteers will demonstrate the art of tin extraction in front of you. Apart from the tin extraction process, called Dulang washing, you can meet the Tin Bearers. If you feel hungry and thirsty, Dulang Tea House will do the needful for you. Climb atop the Tin Bearers and get a panoramic view of the place as well. A part of the limestone caves has been dug out to make way for a nice exhibition hall, showcasing the tin artefacts gives you an immersive experience.

Tin History Walk

You can check out the education boards on the Tin History Walk, where you will learn about the extraction methods of tin. Get to know about the metal’s properties and some interesting facts as well. Find out how and why the metal assumed so much prominence across the globe.

Dulang Washing

You will witness and also get a hands-on experience of using the Dulang, in which the earth is scooped in. Thereafter, water is mixed into the earth mixture and swirls the mixture. The dirt and lighter earth leave the vessel as it is set in motion. The tin remains.

Tin Trail

It is a Project by Tenby Schools, you can learn about the features and history of Tin, from the artefacts laid out in the galleria. This is an immersive tour that gives you complete knowledge about how the metal tin was mined. So, kids should witness this for a knowledge that their school texts cannot provide.

Lost World Tiger Valley

Tigers are an iconic symbol in Malaysia. They are often revered as gods. So, you will find the place generating a lot of interest in the general locals and tourists. The Lost World of Tambun tickets gives you the opportunity to meet the majestic animals closely.

Observe their tricks and behaviour while at the park. Additionally, find them swimming around the manmade moats and then galloping from one rock face to the tree, and elsewhere. The Tiger Feeding show takes place between 3-4 pm, and it is a must-watch. The park rangers feed meat to the Siberian tigers. They will tell you about how stripes differentiate one tiger from the others.

They are just like human fingerprints. You will be amazed to know that the tigers can finish off 27 kg of meat in one night. Get to know more such amazing facts about the tigers there.

Zones At Lost World Petting Zoo

You can meet various animals and reptiles, like snakes and Pythons at the Petting Zoo. There will be other furry friends like rabbits and giraffes as well. So, ensure to meet them all at the Lost World Petting Zoo. It will be a surreal experience for you there. Moreover, there are domestic as well as wild animals in the Petting Zoo. You should make it a point to meet Ruby, the raccoon. After you meet her, your idea about these nocturnal animals will change forever. There are other enclosures there as well, like Bird Paradise, Serpentarium, Tortoise Kingdom, Marmoset Island, and the rain forest trail, as well.

Rain Forest Trail

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the tropical rainforest inside this destination-based amusement park. There will be quite a few animals including foxes and cats, to give you company. The constant chirping of the birds will calm your senses, too. Squirrels and deer will also greet you on your way.

Marmoset Island

The white and black-eared marmoset will give you company on this man made island, built just for them. These small-sized squirrel-like monkeys have this impish look on their faces, and you are bound to fall in love with them. It is one of the first in Malaysia. The park authorities made it with recycled materials and it is a floating one, another astounding feature.


Now, you need not be afraid of the cold-blooded reptiles. Check them out, climbing the walls of their enclosures, or hibernating in some corner. You can meet the sluggish pythons all-curled up in a corner. Moreover, the slithery green snakes can be seen running around the place. You will be able to learn about their food and habitat from the education boards there.

Ruby and Friends

Your idea about raccoons being pests will completely change after this visit. Furthermore, you can interact with Ruby, the most popular one over there, and her friends as well. You can touch them and feed them as well. These lovable nocturnal creatures will enthral you with their kindness.

Tortoise Kingdom

There is someone waiting for you at the Tortoise Kingdom where there is a tall 30-feet high waterfall within the same premises.The Chinese Box Turtle and the Turtle Senterrapin are the most popular residents there. It acts as an excellent backdrop for your photographs. There is a stream that flows through the kingdom, and you will surely see many other types of tortoises there.

Bird Paradise

Visit the beautiful aviary, surrounded by limestone and forests. This is a place, where the colourful birds are free to fly inside, in their habitat. There are over 500 birds in the aviary, chirping and cooing into your ears. You will simply be mesmerised by their beauty. Enjoy the meet-up with the birds up, close, and personal.

Activities at Lost World Adventure Park

The Lost World Adventure Park is a place where most corporations head for team-building activities. It is nestled among the limestone cliffs and the very popular caves.

They are the best place for some exploration. You will also be able to engage and enjoy ziplining, rope climbing, kayaking, camping, and glamping. Build your team’s togetherness and spirit at this competitive yet adventurous place. The camps and tents are all set up before you arrive.

Additionally, you can enjoy a BBQ session exclusively set aside for you and your group. You can zip across Boga Lake and feel the thrills. Get ready for a day of adventure and adrenaline-pumping sessions out there.

Activities at Luminous Forest

This is one of the new attractions at the Lost World of Tambun which remains open between 8 to 10pm. As the night falls, you can cross the Bridge of Luminosa and head to this amazing and mystical wonderland. The magical flowers, fairies, and elves have a certain aura and glow around them. You can locate this hidden wonder near the Petting Zoo. It is also home to the Malayana tribe. There are Mother Sophea, Shadowfang, the Giant butterfly, and Laka Falls and more, all waiting to delight you.

Lights of Aiyanna

See the creations of Sophea, the mother inside the jungle. Some of the special flowers inside have a special glow, and that is what the Lights of Aiyanna is all about. If you happen to sit beneath them, they will illuminate your mind and wash away worries.

Bridge of Luminosa

The bridge is made from original Malayan rafts which basically links the rest of the park with the Luminous Forest. You will also learn about the eldest tribal, Makalani, who was the first to cross over and enter the magical forest. You should feel privileged to have made your way inside.

Mother Sophea

Mother Sophea greets you, as you enter the magical realm. She is a 400 million years old magical Willow tree that can forecast. The seeds from the tree gave the forest a magical glow. Moreover, it was Mother herself, who allowed Makalani and the Malayan tribe inside the forest.

Activities at Lost World Hot Springs and Spas

After having toured the entire amusement park, you can take a dip in the therapeutic pools. The natural spring waters will surely sooth your mind and body. The springs and spa zone open from 6 pm onwards. There are around 12 different pools inside. Which caters to all ages. Gallons of thermal water percolate from below the ground at Tambun and then fill up the ponds inside the park. They are led out through the Kopisan River. Some of the minerals worth mentioning are magnesium, sulphur, calcium and sodium which fill the pools.

Saphira’s Lair

It is a special zone which is created for kids. As the evening sets in, the place starts glowing with all the illumination around. It also has a super-long slide that kids and adults can also enjoy. You can also find a kid’s foot reflexology area inside the water pools.

Crystal Spa

After an entire day filled with fun and games, anybody would feel like getting a massage. You can head to Crystal Spa, and have the best aromatherapy massage of your life in the hands of the trained masseur. You will feel rejuvenated after coming out of the spa.

Top Of the World Pool

You have to climb a bit, to reach the Top of the World Pool. It is a jacuzzi pool. With warm water flowing in jets. Get a nice spray on your body, that invigorates the tired muscles. It is therapeutic hydrotherapy-massage at its best. Your joints and muscles will feel relaxed.

Activities at Lost World Hot Springs by Night

The action continues to forge ahead after dark, with the Lost World Hot Springs Park. There are a whole lot of activities that you can enjoy there. You can witness the beautiful and luminous world of the Luminous Forest, the Springs and Spa, the Petting Zoo, A walk on Ipoh Street, and a visit to Tarantula Alley. If you love creepy crawlies, this is the place to be. You can gorge on a huge range of special cuisines at the stalls on Ipoh Street. Explore the place and enjoy the treats.

Luminous Forest

Enjoy your time in the Luminous Forest, as you have a special meet with Mother Sophea, Shadowfang, and the Giant Butterfly. It is a surreal sight for one and all. The home of the Malayana tribe has the best surprises for you, in the night time. Your kids will feel enticed by the magical world.

Lost World Hot Springs & Spa

You can unwind at any of the 12 hot pools, which are brimming with therapeutic thermal water. Saphira’s Bistro is located nearby and offers you nice treats after a hot dip. Release the knots in your muscles and feel relaxed from the inside out. It is also a therapeutic trip per se.

Tarantula Alley

If you love creepy crawlies, like spiders, then you should definitely visit this spot. The Tarantulas are a class apart, with large fangs and bushy legs. If you can tolerate all of that, you can also hold them and pet them. Learn about their life, habitat, and eating habits from their caretakers.

Other Experiences at Lost World of Tambun


You Can choose from a wide range of dining options at the Lost World of Tambun. Lost World Ipoh Street is a replica of a bustling street of the same name outside. And the place sells the best street food ever. So, you can gorge on that now. Lost World Coffee is also there to satiate your thirst for the brown beans. You can also head to the other eateries like Kukuntalu Hawkers, Postcard Lounge, 1901 Hot Dogs, and Dulang Tea House. Enjoy the delectable spread consisting of hot dogs, tea cakes, miner’s tea and coffee, and probably more. Moreover, you can gulp down the best mocktails and cocktails at the Postcard Lounge.

There are different shows organized at different times of the day. You should know the show times, as they are an important part of the experience. The various shows are Awesome Pool Party, Awesome Pool party with a DJ, The meet and greet with the Malayana family, Tiger and Friends, and Flaming Percussions. Apart from these you should also keep track of the feeding shows of the animals kept in the zoo. They will give you a 360-degree theme park experience.

FAQ for Lost World of Tambun

Which are the best rides at Lost World of Tambun?

Some of the best rides are:

- Storm rider: It is your very own pirate ship that will swing at least 180-degree and give you the feeling of undulating waves.

- Lupe’s Adventure: It is Perak’s first rollercoaster, that will take you to new highs and lows. Though it is a beginner friendly ride it can still make you feel your stomach churn all this while.

- Perak Parade: It is a merry-go-round that everybody loves, especially the kids.

- Adventure Express: it is a locomotive train that will take you across the whole park. You can watch out for the roaring tigers, the gurgling waters of the streams, and the majestic waterfalls.

- Haunted Chambers: If you are strong-hearted, you should head for the Haunted Chambers. Get an unforgettable experience inside with all those mummies and ghosts.

What are the height requirements for the rides at Lost World of Tambun?

The different rides at the Lost World of Tambun, have different height requirements. Some of them are here for you.

  • Saphira’s Baby Pool : 45 cm
  • Cliff Racer : 110 cm
  • Stormrider and Dragon Flights :110 cm
  • Jungle Wave Pool :180 cm to 500 cm
  • Perak Parade : 120 cm
  • Zip Line: 120 cm to 210 cm
  • High Rope Course: 120 cm to 210 cm

Which are the best pools in the Lost World of Tambun?

The top pools in the area are-

- Infinity Pool: is a manmade hot therapeutic pool that gives you the feel of a true spa. It can hold 300 people in one go.

- Crystal Pool: It is designed with crystal tiles beneath. The pool glows in the dark. You can also reserve it for private visits.

- Top of the World Pool: It is located at the top of the Lost World Hot Springs Night Park. It has a full-range jacuzzi for you, where you can enjoy a therapeutic hydro-massage.

- Foot Spa: is another unique pool which is laid with reflexology pebbles. You can walk on them and get your foot massaged. It will cleanse your body.

- Jungle Wave Pool: It is the biggest wave pool in Malaysia, and the waves can go up to 3 m. It is also open at night for your enjoyment.


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