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The biggest attraction of the Lost World of Tambun is the Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs, offering the relaxing ending to one’s stay at the adventure park. The biggest star of the area, of course, are the natural hot springs housed within the park’s premises. The springs are elaborately designed and arranged to cater to the needs of every visitor here. While the Saphira’s Lair beckons to the younger guests, adults will find repose in the Crystal Pool or the Infinity Pool. Several of the attractions at the Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs aim at offering rejuvenative, therapeutic experiences, such as the hands-on massages at the Crystal Spa, the sauna at Steam Cave, or the reflexology treatments at the Foot Spa.

Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs Attractions

Saphira’s Lair

Saphira’s Lair offers children the rare opportunity to reap the benefits of the Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs. The attraction looks just as mystical as it sounds, with soft, luminous light effects creating a fantasy rainforest world. The hot spring pool is just shallow enough for children to be able to gain footing, allowing the little ones to spend quality time while their guardians unwind elsewhere. The Saphira’s Lair also features the Saphira’s Bistro, a swim up dining outlet located by the pool.

Crystal Spa

The Crystal Spa is a bubble of rejuvenation amidst the busy world of the Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs. The spa offers private massage huts that can be booked by visitors at a nominal charge. Guests can choose from a range of body therapies and head and shoulder massages, all quite expertly done by the masseuses of the Lost World. The Spa remains open from noon to 11.00 PM at night.

Infinity Pool

Unlike the other pools, the Infinity Pool is specifically designed to act as a spa. The vast pool can accommodate up to 300 visitors at the same time. Coupled by the sound of the Ipoh volcanic waterfalls that surround it, the Infinity Pool forms the perfect setting to just lay back and unwind after a long day of sightseeing.

Crystal Pool

Nestled in one corner of the Hot Springs zone, Crystal Pool is an intimate, serene oasis. The pool is fitted with crystal tiles at the bottom, and reflects the bright sunlight at day. At night, the pool surroundings are dimly illuminated by multicolored lights. For a more private experience, visitors also have the provision to reserve the pool.

The Geyser Of Tambun

The Geyser of Tambun presents one of the most beautiful sights amidst the Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs. The geyser erupts once every hour, sprawling a powerful jet of hot spring water about 40 minutes in the air. Together with the mystical lights and the natural setting that surrounds it, the geyser forms a truly resplendent view.

Steam Cave

The Lost World’s very own sauna, the Steam Cave offers the perfect spot to rest and de-stress. The attraction is, quite literally, designed as a cave, with the hot spring waters flowing through the cavern. Visitors take a seat within its heated and steamed interiors, the high temperatures detoxifying the skin and promoting blood circulation.

Top Of The World Pool

The Top of the World Pool sits, quite literally, at the very top of the Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs. The jacuzzi pool is a little small in size, and shines out like a gem amidst the rocks when lit up by the night. The jacuzzi pool is fitted with powerful water jets that shoot from all sides, offering a full range of hydro therapeutic massages for the joints and muscles.

Foot Spa

The Foot Spa targets full body-and-mind wellbeing through simulation of the feet muscles. The base of the pool is fitted with reflexology pebbles, and visitors are required to either walk across or press their feet against the pool bottom while their legs soak in the hot spring water. The spa not only cleanses the body of toxins, but also encourages the release of endorphins, leading to an instant mood upliftment.

Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs FAQ's

What is the best time to visit Lost World Of Tambun Hot Springs?

The best time to visit the Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs would be immediately after the Night Park opens at 06.00 PM, in order to get the best spot in the pools without the area getting too crowded. If one wants to catch the live Flaming Percussions show, however, it would be best to visit around 09.00 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Why choose Lost World hot springs and spa Malaysia?

The Lost World Hot Springs and Spa offer an excellent spot to just unwind and rejuvenate after a long day. The natural hot springs at Sunway are vested with healing properties, and these properties are put to the best use through the many spas, pools and jacuzzis at this themed section.

Is Lost World of Tambun night park worth visiting?

The Lost World of Tambun Night Park is definitely worth a visit, and is also one of the most happening night times that one can visit during their stay in Malaysia. The biggest attraction here of course, is the hot springs park which offers a host of spas and pools comprising natural hot springs. The Night Park also offers the Luminous Forest Experience, which takes one on an immersive trail through a mystical forest, full with glowing trees and flowers.

What is Luminous Forest known for?

The Luminous Forest is known for its unique immersive narrative experience. This special attraction takes on a trail through a mystical forest with the weirdest and most wonderful fictive creatures. The immersive role-play-like attraction also includes a special display performance by the ‘resident’ Malayala tribes of the forest.


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