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A world of fun and adventure awaits one at the theme park. Despite the discounted Lost World of Tambun ticket price, one will get access to all ten themed zones here. This will include but not limited to the adventure park, the land amusement park, the water park, the hot springs zone and the luminous park. Visitors can spend the entire day trying out a host of rides and attractions, taking tours through the rainforest trails, enjoying a variety of feeding shows, and much more. Visitors will also be able to avail the services of any of the diners and accommodation options at the Lost World which are included in their Lost World of Tambun tickets.

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Lost World Of Tambun Overview

Nestled between lush tropical jungles, the Lost World of Tambun is a unique eco-adventure destination in Perak, Malaysia. With its adventure rides set amidst age-old limestone cliffs, lush tropical forests, and naturally occurring hot springs, the sheer diversity of the park’s landscape makes for the best possible escape from the mundanity of daily city rituals.

The 10 theme parks that comprise Sunway Lost World of Tambun boast of 88 exciting attractions- some on land, some on water, some across naturally occurring hot springs. The adventure park also conducts a variety of shows and performances, including dance performances at night, feeding shows, the Malayala Family meet and greet, and much more.

While the amusement park, the water park and the wildlife attractions open their gates during day time, the nights remain alive with the Hot Springs, the Spas and the Luminous Park adventure. There’s a bunch of fun activities at Lost World of Tambun to try here as well- from feeding shows, to DJ parties in the pool.

Lost World of Tambun Ipoh has a number of eclectic dining options as well, serving everything from snacks, global cuisine to local delights. The adventure park also features hotels and other accommodation options within its premises, for those traveling from adjacent cities.

Lost World of Tambun Package Options

Day Admission Pass [Includes Hot Springs]

The day admission pass is a fixed day pass that allows entry into the Lost World for 24 hours. The Day Admission Pass grants one access to all sections of Lost World except the Adventure Park, the Swan Lake paddle boat ride, the haunted chamber and the crystal spa treatments. However, access to the hot springs is included in this Lost World of Tambun tickets.

Hot Springs Night Park

Although the focus of the Hot Springs Night Park ticket is on the nighttime attractions, it also offers one access to various other parks and activities. These Lost World of Tambun tickets include entry into the Water Park, Hot Springs Pool, Petting Zoo by Night and the Luminous Forest.

Lost World Super Saver

The Super Saver deal grants one access to all of the park and more at a hefty discount on the Lost World of Tambun ticket price. Apart from entry to all of the major themed zones, the ticket also includes a meal set at Kukuntala Hawkers, a paddle boat ride at Swan Lake, and entry to the Animal Care Centre, Catopia, and Hippo Kingdom.

Lost World Trail

These tickets offer entry to all of the major themed zones at Lost World, along with a fish food packet to be redeemed at the Swan Lake, a complimentary photo souvenir to be collected before exit, and a meal at the Kukuntala Hawkers.

Attractions at Lost World Of Tambun Tickets

Unlike most adventure destinations, Lost World of Tambun is an all day park. Which means, while the day is spent on a number of themed attractions and rides, the night comes alive with spas, hot springs, geyser pools and luminous trails.

The theme parks here are not one, but six in number- the land park, the water park, the adventure park, the Tin Valley, the Tiger Valley, and the Petting Zoo- with each section holding something special for visitors across all age groups. The night parks too, include a host of luxury as well as entertainment hotspots, such as the Ipoh Street, the Luminous Park, and the Spas.

Theme Park

Tailored to meet the interests of every member in the family, the theme parks at Lost World are teeming with rides, attractions and special wildlife zones. While the amusement park and the water park are excellent draws for family visits, the adventure zone is best suited to adults and older children looking to test their daring side. The Petting Zoo and Tiger Valley offer a bunch of exciting feeding shows to look out for, while the Tin Valley is a special themed zone that pays tribute to Ipoh’s tin mining history. Book the Lost World Of Tambun tickets and enjoy a fun day with your family or friends at the different theme parks.

Night park

The Night Park Lost World offers plenty of fun as well. The natural hot springs in the area give rise to a number of rejuvenating spaces, such as the Crystal Spa, the Geyser of Tambun, the Top of the World Pool and the Steam Cave. The Luminous cave is a special trail that imagines the territory of the Malayala tribe, while Ipoh street conjures up the image of how Ipoh town once used to be. The Night Park also offers a number of wildlife attractions, including the Tarantula Alley and the Night Petting Zoo.

Theme Parks at Lost World Of Tambun

With its wide range, the theme parks at Lost World cater to visitors across all tastes and adventure appetites. The amusement park and water park make for a good family vacation, offering thrills and rides for guests across all ages. The adventure park, on the other hand, is best suited for adult visitors with an inkling for extreme sports. The Tin Valley sheds a unique glance at the tin mining history of Malaysia, offering hands-on activities and educational tours. Wildlife enthusiasts, however, should make it a point to visit the Tiger Valley and the Petting Zoo, which lets one get up close and personal with the magnificent beasts and birds at the Sunway Lost World of Tambun.

Lost World Amusement Park

One of the most exciting sections to visit on one’s Lost World of Tambun tickets, the Amusement Park is home to a number of fun and thrill rides designed for the entire family. Carousels, Toy Trains and a Pirate’s Ship ride offers a whole load of group fun, while the Dragon’s Flight is well suited for the thrill-seekers at the Park.

Lost World Water Park

Nestled within the heat-clad alleys of Lost World’s rainforests is the Lost World Water Park, offering a true oasis on a hot day. The Water Park is home to a splendid array of rides tailored to visitors across all ages, including a kids’ lagoon, a wave pool, an adventure river, and some thrill attractions for adults. The Wave Pool also hosts live DJ parties from time to time.

Lost World Tin Valley

The history of Ipoh is inextricably intertwined with tin mining, its most flourishing industry. Designed as a tribute to the region’s past, the Tin Valley is one of the most enriching sections included in one’s Lost World of Tambun tickets. Visitors not only get an opportunity to watch and learn exactly how tin was mined, but also get to try their hand at ‘dulang washing’, or extracting the tin from the earth.

Lost World Tiger Valley

Tigers are the most ferocious beasts in the jungle, and the stunning Siberian Tigers is the park’s biggest pride. Visitors at the Tiger Valley will get to watch these magnificent beasts idling in their natural habitat, occasionally swimming and playing in the mud. The Tiger Valley also conducts Tiger Feeding Shows every day.

Lost World Petting Zoo

The petting zoo is one of the most popular sections at Sunway Lost World of Tambun, and with good reason. The Petting Zoo offers visitors the unique opportunity to get close to any of the zoo’s 55 magnificent creatures. The zoo is separated into zones by theme, including, Tarantula Alley, Bird Paradise, Ruby and Friends, Rabbit Wonderland, and more.

Lost World Adventure Park

The experiences at Adventure Park are tailored to satisfy the adventure cravings of every thrill seeker. The park offers 13 different rope courses along with kayaking, mountain climbing, caving, bridge crossing, ziplining and paddle boarding adventures.

Night Parks at Lost World Of Tambun

Bustling with noise and colors during daytime, the Lost World Tambun turns into a nocturnal wonder after the sun sets. The Night Parks at the theme park offers some of the most exciting attractions at the Lost World.

The Hot Springs and Spa seeks to rejuvenate one with its range of spas, treatments and natural hot springs, while the Ipoh Street, transports one back into the traditional Ipoh Town. The Luminous Forest is another special attraction here, which takes one on a journey through the lands of the Malayana tribals, brimming with glow in the dark plants and flowers.

Lost World Hot Springs Night Park

The adventure intensifies as the night settles on Lost World. The Park comes alive with its share of nighttime attractions; the Night Petting Zoo. It lets visitors get close to bearcats, crocodiles and other nocturnal wonders, while the Luminous Forest takes one on a mystical journey. The Ipoh Street is a special nighttime cultural attraction, recreating the ambience of the Ipoh Old Town.

Lost World Hot Springs and Spa

Retire to the hot springs of Lost World after a day of fun and adventure. The purely natural mineral hot springs create a truly rejuvenative experience, cleansing one both inside and outside. Geysers, steam caves, spas and extraordinary massage pools await one at the Lost World Hot Springs and Spa.

Luminous Forest

The Luminous Forest is one of the most extraordinary attractions that one can visit on their Lost World of Tambun tickets. The immersive mythical journey takes one through the mystical Luminous Forests, home to the Malayana tribe. The illuminated garden is home to a number of weird and wonderful trees, plants and flowers, all glowing in the dark night.

Rides at Lost World Of Tambun

The Lost World of Tambun Ipoh caters not just to its younger guests, but to older children- and children at hearts as well! The adventure park offers a host of rides and attractions across multiple thrill levels, making sure that each guest here returns with the fondest of memories.

While the water park offers a lazy river, a wave pool, and a host of water coasters and slides, the dry adventure park too has its share of mini coasters, swing rides and joy rides for children and adults alike. With your Lost World Of Tambun tickets get to enjoy all these thrilling rides available at different zones in the park.

Malayala Rainfortress

The Malayana Rainfortress is one of the biggest and most exciting rides at the Water Park. In fact, it is Asia’s first two and a half story water ride. Visitors can choose from 12 exciting water slides, a 4D cinematic tunnel, and the Dragon’s Lair, all across the two stories of the Rain Fortress.

Cliff Racer

One of the more adventure water rides that one can try with their Lost World of Tambun tickets, the Cliff Racer is ideally suited for adults and older kids. The water coaster shoots one up on a tube, then propels them down a super smooth slope at maximum speed.

Adventure River

Priding in its status as Malaysia’s longest manmade river, the Adventure River in the Water Park is one of the most sought after rides of Lost World of Tambun rides. The river slides lazily between rising limestone cliffs, and offers you gliding across on a floating tube, where one gains a unique glimpse of the Park’s sprawling beauty. A tipping bucket awaits one overhead, so make sure not to let your guard down!

Lupe’s Adventure

The first roller coaster at Tambun, Lupe’s Adventure promises an exciting adventure for its young boarders. The coaster goes through some twists and turns and has a minor drop, thrilling enough to keep you on your toes without being terrifying. Although a family attraction, the adventure ride is one of the best ride included in your Lost World Of Tambun tickets & is best suited to younger children.

Dragon Flights

The Dragon Flights is perhaps the most thrilling of all Lost World of Tambun rides. A traditional swing ride, the Dragon Flights swings its riders around in a circle on belted seats that are supported by strong ropes. The ride is best suited for older children and adults with a higher thrill appetite.

Giddy Galleon

Giddy Galleon is the perfect family swing adventure. Seated in private vestibules, groups of 2 and 3 swing around in perfect circles. If it doesn’t make you giddy on one go, feel free to hop on your second round!

Activities at Lost World Of Tambun

While fun and adventure sits at the core of Lost World’s philosophy, the amusement park also offers a host of activities that invites one to absolutely immerse themselves into their experience here. From feeding shows to walks and erupting geysers, the activities here blend entertainment and education in equal proportions.

Enjoy as you watch various feeding shows, where highly trained professionals feed their beloved animals with their favorite food. After watching this interactive show, one can take a stroll around the tin trail, which is an exact replica of tin mine present in Ipoh.

Stroll at Tin Trail

Paying tribute to Malaysia’s history of tin mining, the Tin Trail is one of the most special attractions at the Sunway Lost World of Tambun. The Tin Trail is designed to exactly resemble a Tin mine, full with a sluice box and a dalung machine. Visitors can not only observe all mining paraphernalia displayed on the Tin Trail, but also get a chance to operate a dalung machine themselves.

Watch tiger feeding show at Tiger And Friends

The daily tiger feeding show at the Tiger Valley takes the name of Tiger and Friends. The show takes place at 03.00 PM and 04.00 PM each day. Visitors get to watch as the expert trainers feed fresh meat to the royal Siberian tigers, and how the mighty beasts tear and attack the flesh as they do.

Walk through Rain Forest Trail

The rainforest trail quite literally takes on a walk through the rainforests at Sunway Lost World of Tambun. Walking across a wooden boardwalk, one catches a glimpse of the various small wildlife and birds that flutter across. Try to catch a glimpse of the squirrels, monkeys, deer and foxes scurry through the forested grounds.

Enjoy shows at Awesome Feedings

The Lost World of Tambun theme park offers a host of animal feeding shows, held at specific timings throughout the day. The feeding show schedule at Lost World is as follows from 11.30 am to 8 pm, in which different feeding shows for different species are included. Kids enjoy these shows a lot, making it a family friendly activity to do in the park.

Admire glow-up at The Geyser Of Tambun

Housed within the Lost World Hot Springs and Spa, the Geyser of Tambun is a thermal hot spring that erupts from time to time. The water shoots up to a height of 40 feet, creating a dazzling effect. With subtle lighting illuminating the pool, the Geyser of Tambun creates a true visual spectacle.

Embrace the Lights of Aiyanna

Within its dark bellies, the Luminous Forests the Lights of Aiyanna, a special mystical flower that is said to grant wisdom to any person who sits beneath it. The flower is said to have been granted by Mother Sophea, the 400 year old talking tree of the Luminous Forest.

Know Before You Go Lost World Of Tambun

Essential Information
How to Reach
  1. Location: No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
  2. Timings:
  • Theme Park: Monday, Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 AM- 11.00 PM Weekends, school and public holidays: 10.00 AM- 11.00 PM Closed on all Tuesdays except Malaysian school and public holidays.
  • Lost World Hot Springs and Night Park: Monday to Sunday: 06.00 PM- 11.00 PM

By Car: Located in Tambun Ipoh, Perak, the Lost World of Tambun can be reached from adjacent cities by car. It takes about 2 hours to drive to the theme park from Kuala Lumpur or Penang.

By Bus: Express buses from Konsortium, Sri Maju and Star Shuttle will take one right to the center of Ipoh Center. From here, the theme park is just a 20 minute taxi ride away.

By Train: If you’re traveling from Penang or Kuala Lumpur, you could use the KTM ETS train to travel into Ipoh, then take a taxi from the station to reach Lost World.


  • Lost World Ipoh Street: Delivering the best of Malaysian street food, this streethouse styled eatery offers a range of local snacks, meals and desserts.

  • Lost World Coffee: While coffee and tea are its most popular fares, the Lost World Coffee also offers a scrumptious area of homemade pastries.

  • Kukuntalu Hawkers: Offering a truly cultural experience, Kukuntalu Hawkers promises the best of hawker food in a food court style ambience.

  • Postcard Lounge: Resembling a 60’s lounge, the Postcard Lounge prides in its array of cocktails, mocktails and snacks.

  • 1901 Hot Dogs: A fast food romp can never go wrong with 1901’s comprehensive list of hot dogs.

  • Dulang Tea House: For a touch of nostalgia, head over to the Tea House for coffee and breakfast prepared in the traditional, old fashioned way.

Height Requirements

Lost World Hot Springs and Spa- Saphira’s Lair: Must be 75cm tall- Saphira’s Baby Pool: Must be 45cm tall- Infinity Pool: Must be 90cm tall- Saphira’s Twisters: Must be 130cm tall

Lost World Water Park- Jungle Wave Pool: 180cm to 500cm1- Cliff Racer: Must be 110cm tall- Tube Raiders: Must be 110cm tall

Lost World Amusement Park- Stormrider & Dragon Flights: Must be 110cm tall- Giddy Galleon & Lupe’s Adventure: Must be 110cm tall, children above 90cm must be accompanied by adult 18 years old and above- Perak Parade: Must be 120cm tall, children must be accompanied by adult 18 years old and above

Lost World Adventure Park- Zip Line: 120cm to 210cm, children must be above 8 years old- 13 High Rope Course: 120cm to 210cm, children must be above 12 years old

Other Activities- Horse Riding: Must be 120cm tall- Kayak: Children 7 to 12 years old need to be accompanied by adult

Rules & Regulations

  • Guests are to put on their purchased wristband at the counter prior to entry, and are to keep wearing them throughout their stay at the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park.
  • The Lost World of Tambun tickets are for single use only. Once exited, guests cannot re-enter with the same wristband.
  • Outside food and beverages are strictly prohibited within the food park.
  • All thrill rides come with safety instructions and equipment which are to be worn and followed at all attractions.
  • All children below the age of 12 are to be accompanied by an adult while visiting the park.
  • Minimum height requirements are required for some rides, and should be followed.
  • All visitors must adhere to dress codes related to swimwear when visiting the Water Park.
  • Pets, weapons and sharp objects are strictly prohibited.

Tips to Visit Lost World Of Tambun

  • It would be best to purchase one’s Lost World of Tambun tickets online to facilitate hassle free entry. However, do remember to carry your government authorized identity card used to make the online purchase while visiting the Park.
  • Malaysia celebrates a fair share of festivals, and the Lost World hosts elaborate celebrations for them all. Visiting the Park during any of the Malay festivals can be a great way of experiencing them.
  • The theme park is unusually large, and finding one’s way around can be a little mind-boggling. Try purchasing a map at entry to help move around the parks.
  • The Lost World of Tambun Ipoh has plenty to offer, whether at daytime or at night. Reserving one entire day for one’s visit would be the best way to enjoy everything it has to offer.
  • The theme park also has hotels within its premises; if one’s traveling from Kuala Lumpur for the nighttime attractions, booking one’s stay here would be a good idea.
  • If you’re planning to attend any of the many feeding shows held at the Park, it might be advisable to inquire about the timings beforehand in order to be at the right place at the right time.

Lost World of Tambun FAQs

What is Lost World Of Tambun Theme Park famous for?

The Lost World of Tambun is famous as one of the biggest and most diverse eco-tourism parks in Malaysia. Coupling adventure with eco-tourism, the park offers a range of thrill attractions set in a landscape of 400-year old limestone cliffs, naturally occurring hot springs and lush tropical jungles.

Are locker facilities available at Lost World Of Tambun?

The Park does offer rental facilities, with lockers located across different points in the park. The lockers are rented out on a first come first serve basis.

Is outside food and drinks allowed in Lost World Of Tambun?

No, outside food and beverages are strictly prohibited within the grounds of Lost World. However, the theme park has plenty of eateries to choose from to keep one’s hunger pangs at bay.

How many pools does Lost World of Tambun have?

There are 12 hot spring pools scattered throughout the park, each one maintained at a different temperature.

What should I wear in Lost World Of Tambun Water Park?

For land attractions:- Comfortable clothing: Loose, cotton clothing that allows free body movement should be worn while visiting the park. Shorts and t-shirts or summer dresses should be ideally worn. - Footwear: Touring the park will require a fair bit of work, so make sure you put on your most comfortable pair. Flat shoes that can be laced up, or sandals could be ideal. - Added layers: If visiting at night, one might also choose to carry an extra shawl, stole or scarf.

For water park- Swimming costumes and head caps- Long tights- Rash Guard T shirts - Head cover

Are stay facilities available in Lost World Of Tambun Water Park?

Yes, the Lost World does have some accommodation options to choose from:

The Lost World Hotel: The Lost World Hotel offers a number of standard, luxury and family rooms to choose from. It also includes free access to the Night Park at Lost World.

The Malayala Floating Villa: This 5 star villa offers a true taste of glamping- or luxury camping- in Malaysia. The V

What is the best time to visit Lost World Of Tambun?

The best time to visit Sunway Lost World of Tambun would be right after its opening hours, on weekdays. The theme park tends to draw more crowds on weekends. Besides, if one seeks to explore all of the zones in the park, one would need to arrive early and spend the entire day here.


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