Lost World Of Tambun Night Park

About Lost World Of Tambun Night Park

The Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh is your one-stop destination amusement park. Apart from engaging in a whole lot of fun in the daytime and riding the best locomotives and rides, you have more to look forward to at night. The Lost World Of Tambun Night Park is not just an amusement arena for kids. Adults can also discover myriad activities as the clock strikes 6 pm. There are hot water springs aplenty and other unique attractions, which you can look forward to.

The Lost World Hot Springs glows with light and aura of its own after nightfall. The night park is located at the foothills of the 400-million years old limestone hills, which add to the mystery of the place. Some of the unique attractions await you in the form of Lost World Hot Springs and Spa, Luminous Forest, Tarantula Alley, Lost World Petting Zoo, Flaming Percussion, and the Jungle Wave Pool. A replica of Ipoh Street is also there to entice you. Some of you may not like to soak in the warm mineral water pools in the daytime. So, it is a great place to take a dip, to tend to sore muscles after a day full of intense activity.

Lost World Hot Springs Night Park

You can engage in a lot of unique fun activities after 6 pm at the Lost World Tambun. The Hot Springs night Park offers myriad attractions and animal tours, which will remain etched in your memory for a long time. You will get to experience bioluminescence, watch the bearcats, crocodiles, and also gorge on the best mouth-watering delicacies found on Ipoh Street. The Lost World Of Tambun Night Park, which is 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur will help you get a sense of Malaysia’s true heritage. The magical night-time wonderland awaits you there. You can also pet some Tarantulas there.

Lost World Hot Springs & Spa

This is one of the best zones of the Lost World Of Tambun Night Park. The place is home to at least 12 hot mineral water springs, which have a therapeutic effect on your body. Moreover, each one of these have a different temperature setting. Get ready to relax and rejuvenate today. It is believed that the springs are connected to natural river water underneath.

Lost World Petting Zoo By Night

You can meet the crocodiles and bearcats, which come out of their hideout at night. This is a wholesome experience at this unique Malaysian Night Zoo. You can also touch them if you are not phobic. Watch their caretakers feed them as well. You will also be able to click some nice pictures with the nocturnal animals.

Luminous Forest

Cross the Bridge of Luminosa to enter the magical forest. It is a truly mystical realm where you may come face-to-face with a fairy or elf. The Malayana tribe calls it home. You will find a variety of glowing flowers, magical creatures, and the tribals. They will also welcome you to their hearth for a meal. Learn about their traditions.

Lost World Hot Springs and Spa

You should step into the springs and spa zone at the Lost World Of Tambun Night Park to relax and soothe your tired muscles after an entire day at the day park. Immerse yourself in mineralized water containing sodium, magnesium, and other therapeutic salts today. You should wear swimwear that can be rented there itself. It will help you to enjoy the pool party without any inhibitions. You can also get a massage at the Crystal Spa out there. Swim in the healing waters or get foot reflexology done; your options are endless. Saphira’s Lair, Infinity Pool, Foot Spa, and the Top of the World Pool await your visit. You can catch up on the Flaming Percussions show at that time, with satays in hand.

The Geyser of Tambun

You can head straight to the Geyser of Tambun at this expansive arena. The Lost World Of Tambun Night Park disappoints none. The geyser shoots water at least 40 feet high and is also accompanied by a bevy of lighting. You will find this to be a visual treat for your eyes amidst the darkness as a backdrop. The thermal hot spring is a natural spectacle.

Steam Cave

If you want to experience the most authentic spa at Ipoh, Malaysia, it has got to be here. It is your very own sauna that detoxifies your body like no other. After you are done with the session, your skin’s softness will spill the beans. If you want to de-stress, then this is something that you need.

Crystal Pool

The crystal pool is also a part of the spa and springs section. The pool has exquisite crystals that line the bottom, and they reflect the sunlight by the day. At night, it wholly lights up the arena with its myriad lighting. You can take a dip in the pool under the serene night sky and get the maximum pleasure out of it. Apart from sharing space with others, you can also reserve the pool for yourself and get VIP treatment.

Lost World Luminous Forest

Next on the list at the Lost World Of Tambun Night Park, is the Luminous Forest. You can cover the distance from the night park to the forest by crossing the Bridge of Luminosa. You will be greeted by the Malayana tribe there. Get ready to meet the magical creatures of the night and the talking Willow. The Giant Caterpillar may also be waiting for you around the corner. The other attractions in the forest include Lights of Aiyana, Malayana Warriors, Mother Sophea, Shadowfang, and many more. You will never want to leave the magical land.

Lights of Aiyanna

In the Lost World Of Tambun Night Park, you will see the spectacular flowers, which Mother Sophea created. If you happen to sit beneath the giant flowers, you will be able to get rid of all kinds of evil feelings. The lights are believed to light up your mind. You might just want to head there if you harbour hard feelings for anyone.

Bridge of Luminosa

The only way to enter the Luminous Forest is via the Bridge of Luminosa. It is the link to the outside world, and it is simply a work of art. Another amazing fact about the place remains that the elderly Makalani was the first person to cross it and enter the arena. The bridge floats atop Swan Lake, where your eternal journey begins.

Mother Sophea

You will also meet Mother Sophea at the Lost World Of Tambun Night Park. The said entity is a talking Willow tree, which is said to be at least 400 million years old. It is believed that her magical seeds have given the forest its ethereal glow. Moreover, it was Mother Sophea herself, who permitted Makalani and the tribals to set up their home inside.

FAQs for Lost World Of Tambun Night Park

What shows are there in Lost World of Tambun?

The various shows are listed below:

  • Tales of the Tribe: It welcomes you to the Malayan village. You will get the chance to meet the Malayan warriors here. You will simply love their performance.

  • Flaming Percussions: It is an entertaining show, where you will meet fire eaters and percussionists. Their performance will enthral you.

  • Awesome Pool Party: You can enjoy this show at the Jungle Wave Pool after noon. You will be taught some great dance steps, and you can groove your body in the wave pool.

  • Awesome Pool Party with DJ: This is another addition to the enjoyable pool party. A DJ will dish out the latest remixes and beats for you to enjoy.

  • Tiger and Friends: It is one of those shows at the Lost World, that you cannot miss. Watch the Siberian Tigers show some magnificent stunts and also watch their live feeding sessions.

Is any Dining facility available at Lost World of Tambun?

There are so many places to gorge on delicious food at the park, that you will be spoilt for choice.

  • Lost World Ipoh Street: You can eat the best street delicacies of Malaysia here. There are food, snacks and delectable desserts waiting for you there.

  • Lost World Coffee: It is a small café that serves hot coffee and a range of tea time snacks.

  • Postcard Lounge: If you want to quench your thirst with some drinks, this is the place for you. There are mocktails and cocktails aplenty.

  • 1901 Hot Dogs: You cannot miss out on the delicious hot dogs that have made this place famous.

  • Dulang Tea House: If you want to drink the tea of the miners, this is where you have to head. Also eat the pastries alongside, as sides.

Can we feed animals at Lost World of Tambun?

Yes, you can feed the animals at the Lost World of Tambun.

Tapir – 11.30 amTigers – 3-4 pmRaccoon – 11.45 amHyena – 1 pmHippo – 1.30 pm Caiman – 7.30 pmBinturong – 8 pm

You can have a great time feeding the animals with assistance from their rangers only at the Lost World of Tambun today.

Are stay facilities available at Lost World of Tambun?

The Lost World Hotel is located nearby. You can also get a night of night park access free, with a night stay. It is located within a short distance from the park. The other options are Glamping at the park premises and the Malayana Floating Villas.

What are the Activities to do at Lost World of Tambun?

There are many activities to do at Lost World of Tambun

  • Hot Springs and Spa: You can soak in any of the 12 mineral pools at the park, for its therapeutic benefits.

  • Water Park: You can also enjoy the water activities like Jungle Wave Pool or water slides at the park by the day.

  • Giddy Galleon: It is a ride that will take your swirling and swinging across heights.

  • Haunted Chambers: You can also head to the Haunted Chambers to get spooked.

  • Tin Valley: You can even explore the Tin Valley. Learn about the Tin mining history of the region, and also engage in some of the tasks.

  • Adventure Park: is a haven for corporates for team building activities. Ziplining, cave exploration, and rope climbing are a few of the top activities for you there.


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