About Petting Zoo Lost World of Tambun

Pay a visit to the Petting Zoo Lost World Of Tambun, the home of stunning animals indigenous to Malaysia and other parts of the world, and indulge in a thrilling yet educational experience here. Tucked amidst lush greenery, within the Lost World of Tambun theme park, the petting zoo is a great place to spend a fun-filled day out with your friends and family.

It is here where you can get a chance to not just see different animals from up close, but also touch them, interact with them, as you pet them. Additionally, you can also witness animals like giraffes, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc., along with a variety of birds being fed by their caretakers here. Don’t forget to meet the zoo stars here, including Ruby the Raccoon, Wira the Green Macaw and pythons during your visit.

Attractions at Petting Zoo Lost World Of Tambun Park

Tarantula Alley.jpg
Tarantula Alley

Tarantulas are a type of arachnids, which are typically larger than spiders, and often quite hairy and scary looking. They predominantly belong to the Theraphosidae family of spiders, and it is at this petting zoo where you can catch sights of them from up close. Be wary though, since they can come too close and even try to crawl on you.

Giraffe and Friends.jpg
Giraffe and Friends

At the Petting Zoo Lost World Of Tambun, you can get a chance to meet giraffes face to face. At this petting zoo, in addition to beautiful tall giraffes, you can also meet and pet its friends, which includes animals like zebras, ostriches, and more. You can even feed them vegetables from a designated stand, or click memorable pictures with them during your visit.

Rabbit Wonderland.jpg
Rabbit Wonderland

Meet adorable and cute little rabbits during your visit to the Petting Zoo Lost World Of Tambun. Get a chance to see them jump from one place to another as you try to pet and feed them. Surrounded by a manmade river, there are various kinds of rabbits here, who are simply stunning to look at.

Tortoise Kingdom.jpg
Tortoise Kingdom

Home to several different types of tortoises and turtles, the Tortoise Kingdom within the petting zoo is a favourite amongst the children. This section of the zoo is also home to the Chinese Box Turtle and the Turtle Senterrapin. You can also find a 30-feet tall waterfall which flows into a pond here, where you can find many other different types of tortoises.

Ruby and Friends.jpg
Ruby and Friends

Get a chance to meet Ruby the raccoon, and her friends at the Petting Zoo Lost World Of Tambun. These are a group of friendly nocturnal animals who you can feed and pet during your visit to the zoo. Even children can meet Ruby and her friends, since they are quite gentle and absolutely adorable.

Bird Paradise.jpg
Bird Paradise

At the Petting Zoo Lost World Of Tambun, you can also find an aviary, which is surrounded by dense forests and beautiful limestone hills. It is here where you can catch sights of over 500 birds belonging to 18 different species, small and big, and of vibrant colours. All of these birds also fly freely inside the aviary, in a very natural zoo setting.

Marmoset Island.jpg
Marmoset Island

Head over to the Marmoset Island inside the petting zoo to catch sights of beautiful white and black-eared marmosets hiding amongst the trees here. These are small monkeys that typically look like squirrels, and remain hidden. Marmoset Island is also the first man-made floating island made out of recycled items in all of Malaysia.


To test out your fear and catch sights of the creepy crawlies, the serpentarium is the place to be inside the petting zoo. Home to many different types of cold-blooded reptiles residing within a transparent tunnel, it is here where you can see reticulated pythons, mangrove snakes, flying snakes, and other reptiles from up close.

Rock Canopy.jpg
Rock Canopy

At the petting zoo, you can also indulge in a very nice educational experience. Pay a visit to the rock canopy, where you can not only see the different types of rock canopies, but also learn a lot about them, their characteristic features and more. It is truly a section to heighten all your senses.

Rain Forest Trail.jpg
Rain Forest Trail

During your visit to the petting zoo, don’t forget to take a walk through the rainforest trail here. Complete with lush greenery, sounds of animals and birds, and a cool ambience, you can also catch sights of animals like squirrels, foxes, deer, monkeys, and more on the trail. Besides that, you can also enjoy seeing a wide array of plants and trees here.

Petting Zoo Lost World Of Tambun FAQs

How many species of animals are there at the Petting Zoo?

    There are 55 different species of animals at the Petting Zoo Lost World Of Tambun. These include animals like giraffes, zebras, deer and monkeys, as well as reptiles, from turtles and tortoises, to snakes and more.

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