Lost World of Tambun Activities

Lost World of Tambun Activities

The Lost World of Tambun Activities will simply entice you as you indulge in a plethora of activities across eight different themed areas in the park. The theme park, located at Ipoh is surrounded by fascinating sceneries and is an adventure destination for people of all ages. The best part about this place is that activities here are not limited to day but continue at night as well, so consider spending a full day here. When discovering the myriad Lost World of Tambun Activities, you should ideally start with the dry areas at first and then navigate to the water parks and hot springs. You will come across a whole lot of activities at the amusement park. There are not just hot springs but rides like Dragon Flights and Giddy Galleon, which will let you enjoy the best swinging motion of your life. Check out the history of Tin Valley at the visitor education centre to get all the information about mining after which you can go to meet the majestic tigers at Tiger Valley. Also, join in the fun, with plenty of night-time activities, which includes a visit to the Luminous Forest at night where you will discover the lives of the Malayana tribe.

Explore the Lost World Petting Zoo

You can meet a wide range of animals at the renowned petting zoo. There are giraffes, hyenas, rabbits, and pythons as well. You and your little one can have a great time feeding some of the animals like giraffes and raccoons. Inside the enclosure, you will be surrounded by feathery birds of all sizes. Additionally, you can also visit the Tarantula Alley and check out myriad varieties of tarantulas. And, how can you forget the zebras and camels? They are there too, and the kids can actually pet and feed them.

Take Rides at Amusement Parks

You can enjoy various rides at the park, including Dragon Flights, Giddy Galleon, Stormrider, Lupe’s Adventure, and the Adventure Express. You will find all of these to be extremely exciting, and will never have a single dull moment there. Take the case of Adventure Express, it is your very own transport in the form of a locomotive, that you can ride across the park and discover the various attractions. Lupe’s Adventure is the first roller coaster in Perak, and everyone loves it. And, if you are visiting an amusement park, you cannot really miss out on the merry-go-round. The Stormrider, Giddy Galleon, and Dragon Flights are bound to make you giddy due to the constant swinging action.

Surf & Slide at the Water Park

The Lost World Water Park gives you some respite from all the heat. Get ready to enjoy various pool parties with a visit to Jungle Wave Bay, Adventure River, Sandy Bay, Cliff Racer, Tube Raider, and the Kid’s Explorabay. Additionally, you can also enjoy the best times with your kids at Malayana Rainfortress. This place is sure to give you thrills. Venture into the huge multi-tiered pools that come with a dozen slides and also get to explore the Dragon’s Lair, which is a 4D immersive experience underwater. Amongst the Lost World of Tambun Activities, adults and children love these water park activities the most.

Learn about history at TIN VALLEY

You can also explore the past of the Tin Valley here which is one of the top Lost World of Tambun Activities. The entire park has been built on an old mining land. Get to know about the history from the guides at the visitor’s centre. You can even check out the equipment that was used earlier. They include the huge palung or sluice box, and the gravel pump monitor. Watch out for all the artefacts at the gallery. It will be one of the more realistic experiences at the Tin Valley for you and your kids as well. Ipoh has the oldest mining industry in town, and you will be privy to that.

Meet the Tigers at TIGER VALLEY

Tigers are treated with a lot of love and respect in Malaysia. Meet the majestic animals which represent bravery and power. You can now get close to these ferocious creatures. Also become a part of the tiger feeding show, which takes place between 3-4 pm. Moreover, you can observe these majestic cats climbing and pouncing here and there in their enclosures. Your little one will also get to learn about their habitat. So, this Lost World of Tambun Activities trip doubles up as an educational trip for them, as well.

Try Some Adventure Activities

If you are an adventure aficionado, you have got to head to the adventure park. It is for all those who are looking for an adrenaline rush. Here you can avail yourself of some pay-per-ride activities. Moreover, you can engage in kayaking, cave exploration, and camping too. Get a taste of the outdoors in this open amusement park. You can also opt for the paddle boat ride in Swan Lake. You can enjoy your nights under the stars as well, with some nice glamping options. Read about the Lost World of Tambun Activities below.


It is one of the most popular recreational activities in Malaysia where you have a fully-ready shelter waiting for your visit. It makes camping accessible for all. Moreover, all the seniors can also avail themselves of this wonderful opportunity today. Get ready for the show and just show up. The park takes all the responsibilities to set up the place. Get close to nature without having to set up a camp and a fire. It can be cumbersome for families amidst all the rush. The glamping tents have been set up right in front of the lake. So, you can experience the cool breeze all the time.

Feed Animals

Your little ones and you of course, can now feed Rain, the giraffe. Kids can stroke the giraffe and also pet them. Then there are the camels, Kameel and Kamelia. You can buy some food for them from the counter. If your kids are scared to feed the animals directly with their hands, they can use tongs. Furthermore, you will be amazed to know that you can also feed the zebra. It is a fun activity, which the young and the old alike will love. So, get, set, and go to Ipoh, and buy your tickets online. So, you get to enter and have all the fun, without standing in the ticket queues. It is one of the best *Lost World of Tambun Activities. *

Meet the Malayana tribe at Luminous Forest

Now, you can cross the Bridge of Luminosa, and enter the world of the Malayana tribe. It is an enchanting land, where you will find the flowers, the trees, and open spaces, with a surreal magical glow of their own. You have to cross Swan Lake to enter the beautiful realm. It transports you almost instantly to a magical realm. Spot Mother Sophea inside, which is a magical Willow tree. The tribals believe that the magical tree spreads magic within the park with its seeds. Your kids will love Shadowfang, one of the giant centipedes that guards the place.

Relax & Rejuvenate at Hot Springs

There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than the hot spring at Lost World. It continues to be open throughout the day and night, as well. Many people favour the spot as a night haunt, as the day can be hot. You will have a great time, taking a dip in these warm waters in the chilly winters. Here you will also find the Crystal Spa, where you can avail yourself of an invigorating massage.

Enjoy shows at Lost World of Tambun

You can also be a part of the awesome shows there. They are the awesome pool party, with or without a DJ, and a meet and greet session with a Malayana family. You can also watch the Flaming Percussions. You can bounce and play in the Jungle Wave Bay as the music plays in the background. Furthermore, the DJ can also spin the best numbers for you, as you dance in the pool. The Percussions show is entertaining, to say the least of the Lost World of Tambun Activities. You can witness fire-spitters and eaters, who will enthral you.

Eat your heart at Lost World of Tambun

Apart from just having fun, you need to satiate your hunger and thirst. And, what better way than to head to Lost World Ipoh Street, which offers a variety of local snacks and desserts. Lost World Coffee is another interesting place, where you can head today. 1901 Hot Dogs offer you the best hot dogs. If you crave for some teas and cakes, Dulang Tea House is there for you.


What are the best activities to do at Lost World of Tambun for kids?

  • Hot SpringsLet your kids immerse themselves in the waters of the natural hot springs. You will find 12 such springs inside the park where there are healing powers and can relieve anyone of aches and pains.

  • Petting zooYou can also head to the petting zoo with the kids in tow. There are several animal encounters for you to pet and feed animals like zebras, camels, cheeky raccoons, etc.

  • Giddy GideonGet them on the Giddy Gideon and let them feel the breeze on their face, as they swing and revolve 360 degrees. There are other rides as well, like the Stormrider, which they might love.

  • Tin ValleyTin Valley visit is a must for kids as it will give them first-hand experience of mining settings. They also learn about the machinery used there in the past.

  • Tiger ValleyTiger Valley is a must-see place, as it brings the kids up, close, and personal with the majestic creatures. Let them catch up with the abilities of the tiger. It is something that they will not learn in the class.

What are the best things to do at Lost World of Tambun at night?

The best things to do at Lost World of Tambun at night are:

  • Luminous ForestYou can visit the Luminous Forest, where you will be meeting the Malayan tribe and get the chance to know of all the magical creatures that come out at night.

  • Flaming PercussionsFlaming Percussions is one of the Lost World of Tambun Activities that you can attend at night. You can listen to the music from the fire eaters, jugglers, and musicians, on the stage, in addition to witnessing various types of fire stunts.

  • Hot Springs & SpaTake a dip in the hot springs or get a massage at Crystal Spa. It will relax and rejuvenate you from the core.

What to wear at Lost World of Tambun?

It is always good to wear loose fitting clothes, capris, and shorts, if you are heading for an amusement park. If you want to enjoy the water park rides, get dressed according to the swimwear dress code which generally includes clothes made of nylon or lycra as these are the non absorbent materials. You get waterproof gear from the park itself but have to leave the footwear in the lockers.

How to reach the Lost World of Tambun?

By car: Get to Ipoh city center from where you have to drive via Jalan Tambun road for 20 minutes to reach the Lost World of Tambun.By bus: Hop on to the express bus from Kuala Lumpur and get off at Ipoh City Center. From here, you can take a taxi which will drop you at your location in just twenty minutes.

By Train: Take the Electric train service from Kuala Lumpur and drop off at Ipoh City Center. From here you can hire a cab and reach the location in about 20 mins.


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